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(Morricone music) - Forever Living:

Val di sole, Trentino, Italy, Valley of the Sun -
City of Marco island:
"Who feels love?" (video inspired by Italian director Michelangelo Antonioni, his movie "Zabriskie Point", Usa-Italy 1970, where the protagonist Mark Frechette, tired of student protest, flees with a plane, makes love with a girl in that point of maximum geological depression of the United States, in Mohave desert, Arizona, with final burst of technologic objects... And then she also imagines the explosion of a villa, books, clothes...). This song is taken from "Standing on the shoulder of giants" (photo above), with New York on the cover (the Empire State Building and the Twin Towers in the background, 1 year before September 11...).
Morricone, Jewel, Usa, horses:
Melissa Satta, Usa-Italy:
Peekaboo City golf course

Monument Valley
Silvia Dimitrova:

images inspired by Arizona